Sreelakshmi Tinnanooru

CEO AIM Financials

Sree Tinnanooru is the CEO and Senior Wealth Advisor of American Investment Management (AIM), a fast growing financial services company providing individuals and businesses the opportunity to make their financial dreams a reality and help build generational wealth. Sree drives continued evolution and creativity to the financial solutions and offers smart investments to high net worth families and businesses. Sree’s strong entrepreneurial background, drive, and focus fuels the growth of the company. AIM Financials and their strategic partners have over 50 years of cumulative experience in financial services, wealth management, Estate & Tax Planning, and private equity.

Services includes:
• Equities, fixed income, ETF, mutual funds, options, etc.
• Variable and fixed insurance solutions including variable annuities with highest daily and 10% roll up guarantees
• Managed accounts and model portfolios with Lifetime Minimum Guaranteed Income
• High net worth insurance wraps for managed accounts, model portfolios, alternative investments, and other asset classes
• Alternative investments, including hedge funds, managed futures, private equity, REITs, LPs and more
• Asset protection trusts and charitable giving
• Customized funds for high networth clients
• Retirement solutions , Cash Balance Retirement Plans, Pension Plans, Buy Out Strategies, and other Retirement Income Solutions.

Sree lives in DFW Metroplex with her Husband and their twin Boys. She enjoys being active, playing Chess, and spending quality time with family and friends.

AIM has only one mission: To elevate your net worth and make you financially free.