Franck Noel

Head of Solutions Architecture AWS SMB East

Franck Noel, Head of Solutions Architects at Amazon Web Services for SMB East. He previously led a team of builders in Socal focused on the Mid-Enterprise space and has been at AWS for just over 2.5 years

Franck currently resides in Philadelphia and is passionate about technology and its effect on companies and society. He has worked with customers of various sizes and industries helping them solve several transformational challenges through the use of AWS cloud technologies like Resmed, NextGen, Chewy, Axway, and others in Southern California. Prior to joining AWS, Franck spent several years working on other sales and pre-sales roles with a variety of customers at Cisco Systems. helping customers like Comcast and Vonage transform the Telecom industry. Franck has several certifications from the information technology industry including several AWS certifications. Franck is an Electrical Engineer graduate from SUNY at Stony Brook, NY.