Deepak Sharma

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There is a definite process of understanding the power Storytelling and utilizing it for serving yourself and others. It is not that easy, but it is a process and can be learnt by anyone. Once you master it, you will find many new doors opening for you that you never even knew existed.

Deepak is “fanatic” walking and talking storyteller, certified “world class speaking coach” and a professional speaker. In real terms, his 13 years journey with toastmasters and experimenting with speaking is his qualification.

In his journey of Speaking, he has trained 30000+ leaders across the world from the organizations like Vodafone, Shell, Maruti, Honda, Accenture, IBM, Plan International, PWC, KPMG, KNPC, Nestle and many more.

Founder of Deepak Sharma Speaks and Speak to Shine Academy, he launched his YouTube channel focusing on Storytelling and Communication. In 2019, he became the Public Speaking Champion of Houston District and also being inducted as Professional Member of National Speaker Association, USA.

He firmly believes if you believe in self, listen to your mentors and follow a simple process, you will start opening all the doors that exists in this world of and you will simply be unstoppable.