Adil Adi

Chairman ADI Group

Adil Adi, Chairman of The ADI Group, is an entrepreneur and investor who has successfully founded and scaled multiple businesses. Adi currently oversees the corporate vision across growth strategies and investments across the organization while supporting the technology and market development. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Adi is passionate about healthcare and improving our collective quality of life.

Adi again leverages his Family Office to deliver guidance, relationships and investment into early stage healthcare & life sciences companies such as Omada Health, Sonavex and Rejuvenation Technologies. Moreover, he is constantly supporting local academic researchers at institutes like UT Southwestern, MD Anderson and the Texas Medical Center. He currently sits on the board of the Mary Crowley Cancer Center which aims to expedite clinical trials for cancer patients.

Lastly, Adil enjoys giving back to the entrepreneurial community by bringing together social stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors, and other meaningful relationships from his network. If Adil wasn’t doing any of the above, he probably would have become a professional singer / actor. He is the first to jump on the mic and get a crowd going in group sing.

He enjoys cycling, walking his beagle Shooter and supporting his sons on the golf course.