Sean Languedoc

Sean Languedoc

Founder, CEO Global Talent Accelerator

In the process of building 4 tech companies and mentoring many more, I’ve witnessed how talent is the most powerful ingredient and the key determinant for success.

While demand for tech talent exceeds supply in North America by a factor of nearly 10x, senior developers and senior data ninjas are even harder to find around the world. So, with an amazing team and support we have built two companies that address global talent mobilization to solve immediate tech talent issues.

Code in Canada is a near shore solution for US based companies that are suffering potential loss of H1-B talent. We move the talent to Canada in a simple elegant solution that takes one phone call.

Global Talent Accelerator finds senior developers and data scientists around the world and matches them with the best opportunities in Canada. With innovation and a lot of old-school, hands-on work, GTA takes the risk and friction out the process for employers and for the senior talent…and their families.

Both companies are transforming lives, while enabling companies to grow within Canada and US Companies to build capacity near shore.