Dennis Mehta

Dennis Mehta

Chairman, Israel-India Technology Group

Dennis Mehta is a lifelong entrepreneur with a background in private equity and venture capital. Specific sectors of interest include water, security, IoT, and advanced hi-tech companies. He is the Chairman for I-IT Group, a platform focused on connecting Isreali suppliers and technology with Indian markets, companies, and consumers.

More than 30 years ago, Dennis’s founded Professional Software Technologies. After leading the firm to a successful acquisition, he continued to build value as an executive, leading it to second and third exits at higher valuations by Esko and Danaher, respectively.

Dennis has specialized in driving growth in companies through focused marketing efforts, unlocking new or untapped distribution channels, revitalizing sales teams, and creatively combining products to retain customers and solidify margins. More recently, he has focused on identifying orphan brands (i.e., non-core assets) with weak logistics/sales and distressed opportunities.

He is the recipient of Marketing Excellence Award from DuPont Corporation and the Special Achievement and Presidential awards from Esko-Danaher. He is a founding Charter Member at TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and supports various charities in the US and India.